Wasa-Nabin Program

“Look Forward, Look Ahead”Overview

The Wasa Nabin Program provides one-to-one support in a cultural framework for youth who are at risk for specific negative behaviors and outcomes as a result of their current life circumstances. The program incorporates traditional cultural teachings and values to encourage healthy lifestyle choices, foster responsible decision-making and influence critical thinking. Program clients will increase their skills, knowledge, attitudes and values and make positive personal choices through awareness of the consequences of negative behaviors.

Program Objectives

General Social Supports
Provide supportive, safe and culturally appropriate programs which will assist urban Aboriginal youth to make healthy, informed life choices.

Youth In Care
With 30-40% of all youth in care being Aboriginal, the Wasa-Nabin program will provide activities that will have a positive impact on the Family, Friends, Culture and Identity.

Healthy Living and Physical Development
Poor nutrition negatively impacts a young person’s ability to learn. The Wasa-Nabin program will provide education on nutritious and traditional food preparation. As well, provide a safe, non-competitive environment for physical activity.

Nearly 50% of Aboriginal youth between the ages of 20-24 have not completed high school. The Wasa-Nabin Program will encourage youth to stay in school and provide educational support for students and parents.

Justice Interventions
Aboriginal Youth in the criminal justice system is grossly disproportionate when compared to the total percentage of the population. The Wasa-Nabin program will use culturally relevant tools to address the specific needs of youth involved in the criminal justice system.

Addressing Violence
The Wasa-Nabin program will use various methods to educate youth on violence in the Aboriginal community and give them tools to end the circle of violence.

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Vacant, Wasa-Nabin Worker
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