Kizhaay Anishnaabe Niin

Kizhaay Anishnaabe Niin is an initiative created to provide an opportunity for communities to engage Aboriginal men and youth in understanding violence against Aboriginal women and support them in joining together to end the violence.  Kizhaay Anishinaabe Niin is an Ojibway phrase that translates to “I Am a Kind Man”.  At a time when violence is invading whole communities “I Am a Kind Man” reminds us that violence has never been an acceptable part of Aboriginal culture.  Kizhaay Anishinaabe Niin workers and facilitators embrace the Seven Grandfather Teachings (wisdom, love, respect, bravery, honesty, humility, and truth) to work toward ending violence against Aboriginal women.

Our Kizhaay Anishinaabe Niin Worker provides Indigenous culture based community services, one-on-one peer counselling and group activities to assist men who are committed to ending violence against Aboriginal women in their personal lives and within their community.  Some objectives are:

  • To support the reclamation and revitalization of men’s responsibility to end violence perpetrated against Indigenous women and girls
  • To ensure access to Indigenous Cultural Knowledge and increase understanding of Traditional Roles and Responsibilities based on local Indigenous Knowledge
  • Increase resilience amongst program participants by empowering men and youth-aged males to acknowledge and resolve their own trauma
  • To promote improvements in men’s overall wellbeing and foster enhanced community wellness through the provision of effective culturally based program service delivery

Men’s Sharing Circle

For more information, contact:
Darcy Kavanaugh, Kizhaay Anishinaabe Niin Worker
427 Mowat Avenue, Fort Frances, Ontario