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The Literacy program is now accepting new intakes.  Please call 274-8541 to speak to our Worker, Joelyn Foadi-Frenette.

The Wiinisidotam Adult Literacy Program (WALP)


Welcome, Aniin, Boozhoo!

The Wiinisidotam Adult Literacy Program (WALP) welcomes you to join us at any time to find out about the unlimited possibilities that wait for you at the United Native Friendship Centre (UNFC).

We will inspire and support your learning journey!

About WALP

The Literacy and Basics Skills Program (LBS) at the UNFC has been serving the area since 1986 to assist in meeting the learning needs of both Native and Non-Native adult peoples.   Our mission is to inspire and support you in attaining your Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework (OALCF) goals in life-long learning, including: finding and using information; communicating ideas and information; understanding and using numbers; using digital technology; managing learning; engaging with others; and encouraging your overall best potential.  We complete this cyclical learning path following a process that includes: Information and Referral Services; Assessment and Evaluation Services; Learning Plan/Learner Intake Plan Services; OALCF Style Training Services; and Effectiveness Evaluation/Satisfaction and Follow-Up Services.

The new name “Wiinisidotam” is an Ojibwe word that means she/he will come to understand that which they choose to study in our Aboriginal Stream program.

About literacy and basic skills

Literacy can mean many different things to different people but can be defined as “The ability to identify, understand, interpret, create, communicate, compute and use printed and written materials associated with varying contexts. Literacy involves a continuum of learning to enable an individual to achieve his or her goals, to develop his or her knowledge and potential, and to participate fully in the wider society.”  Literacy and basic skills programs provide free training in reading and writing, math, and basic work skills. It can help you reach your goals for: upgrading your education or training, getting a job, and/or becoming more independent.  Literacy and basic skills programs have also been integrated within the field of “essential skills” along with the new and exciting OALCF.

What do literacy and essential skills have to do with one another?

Essential skills are becoming a new way to talk about adult literacy skills. The first three essential skills (reading text, document use and numeracy) are basic literacy skills - the kinds of skills that are taught in adult literacy programs in Ontario. Essential skills provide people (employers, service professionals, governments) with a common way to talk about literacy skill development for adults.  Literacy and essential skills programming: is basic education for adults in the area of reading, writing and numeracy includes basic education in speaking/listening, computer and self-management/self-direction skills, it has 5 levels for each of these above areas and includes 4 specific areas/streams of focus: Anglophone (English), Francophone, Aboriginal and Deaf streams of service.

How does WALP work?

All OALCF literacy and basic skills training is free. It is designed for people whose reading, writing, math and essential skills are at/or around intermediate, high school-learning level. The program helps people identify their goals, and decide on a training plan to reach them.  The training is offered at the WALP in United Native Friendship Centre in downtown Fort Frances.  It may be offered by in-person training services, in small groups or classrooms and also online learning platforms.

Who is WALP for?

You may qualify for this program if you: are a resident of Ontario who is 19 years of age or older; are unemployed; are out of school; and/or, do not have the reading and writing skills to get a job and cope with daily living.  You may also qualify for support with transportation and childcare costs associated with attending WALP.

Where can I learn more?

Our office is equipped to offer you online learning, in-class training, and exciting new workshops.  We are always open to suggestions and look forward to seeing you.  We offer a holistic, cultural and flexible learning environment, where we facilitate your full participation in society, and ALL of our programming is FREE!





We are always open to volunteers, donations, and partnering with other service providers to best serve the learning needs of our community and surrounding area.

Just give us a call or stop by today, we look forward to meeting you!

Wouldn’t it be awesome to celebrate that achievement you have been thinking about?

Stop by our program today to find out when you can start.  We are available to assist you year-round.

GED Prep Classes

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