Aboriginal Life-Long Care


This program was developed to ensure the development and provision of culturally appropriate community support services and professional services, with particular attention to the needs of Aboriginal seniors/Elders, persons with disabilities, and the chronically ill with special needs. To provide for the development and delivery of community support services such as : transportation, adult day program, translation services, friendly visiting, nursing care (limited), liaise with clients, families and professionals in the community.


The goal of the Life Long Care Program is to assist in the provision of long term care for Aboriginal Seniors/Elders and those with special needs in a way that is culturally appropriate and holistic, meeting physical, mental, spiritual and emotional needs.


  • To facilitate an ongoing needs assessment within the urban Aboriginal community.
  • To provide for the development of culturally appropriate long term care services.
  • To ensure that all urban Aboriginal people are assured fair and reasonable access to all long term care services and programs.

We propose to mix conventional and Traditional medicine to provide the best of both worlds for our clients.

- If you have free time and wish to help someone in need, please call the Centre.


  • Friendly Visiting Visits are made on a weekly basis, more frequently if necessary.
  • Transportation Provided on an as needed basis with priority given for medical appointments.
  • Congregate Dining We gather on Tuesdays for lunch and crafts, transportation provided.
  • Aboriginal Support Services We can advocate on your behalf with physicians, other service providers, government etc.
  • Rainycrest Visits Wednesday at 10 A.M. EXTRA HELP IS ALWAYS WELCOME.
  • If you or anyone you know are in need of our services, please call or stop by 616 Mowat Avenue.


Ann Sinclair
, Life Long Care Worker


Diana Sharp, 
Care Support Worker


United Native Friendship Centre

P.O. Box 752

616 Mowat Avenue

Fort Frances, ON
 P9A 1Z3

Phone: 274-8541

Fax: 274-4067


Monday to Friday
8:30 - 4:30